I Got to Meet ELIZABETH (Eat, Pray, Love) GILBERT Last Night

Picture 117

A couple months ago, Elizabeth read a bunch of chapters from my book and wrote me this amazing blurb:

“Melanie Hamlett is smart and funny and sick and wrong and dark and playful and smart as hell…and I _love_ her. SEX WITH CLOWNS is every bit as good as the title promises.” -Elizabeth Gilbert

Last night I went to a show she was in and introduced myself afterwards. When I told her who I was and thanked her profusely for that blurb, she said “Oh Melanie! I’m so glad I get to meet you!” then she gave me a big hug and turned to the people around us and said “This woman is SO funny” and bragged about my writing. Then she told me about how she was in a hotel room when she read my chapters and that she could just picture me in that closet with that clown and how it was so real and ridiculous and raw and funny. And she went on and on and hugged me a few more times and I wish to god i could Remember all the things she said but I was just too excited by how awesome she was. I’ve never felt so validated as a writer in my whole career, especially since I admire Gilbert so much and have always been a huge fan of her work. She is a feminists’ feminist and I couldn’t be more honored to have met such a warm, friendly, giving person and kickass writer. Truly blessed.

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