I Went to This Restaurant in NYC called NINJA

It was a nice Japanese restaurant and we had a lovely meal.


The bathroom was super nice


and even washed my butt for me


But when I came back from the bathroom, I found my sister and husband being attacked by a Ninja!

IMG_3544 1

When I told him to go away, he attacked me!


After he left, another Ninja came in our room and did a magic trick with our twenty dollar bill. Asshole never gave it back.

IMG_3560 1

I couldn’t let these ninja pricks get away with this, so I started my own sneak attack.

IMG_3569 1

As I walked down the hall, there wasn’t a trace of ninjas anywhere


until I saw this one. “Peace lady, we don’t want no problems,” he said.

IMG_3575 1

“Peace my ass! I’m gonna get you ninja!”

IMG_3574 1

I pulled his ass down and stole his sword


which scared the crap out of him.


I thought I’d won the ninja battle until his friend came up form behind and got me. Now I had two ninjas on me!

I said “uncle” so they let me go.


When I got back to my table to get my sister and her husband, I found they’d left us the bill. Stupid jerks never gave me my twenty dollars back! One thing good did come out of it though. They gave me a bunch of ninja stickers


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  1. Wow, cool photos! Sounds like an exciting place. I wonder if they are affiliated with Ninja Burger?

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