I Asked For Jerry Springer Tickets For My Birthday

Most of the amazing things that happen to me come from just asking Facebook. I decided I wanted to go to Jerry Springer more than anything in the world, so I posted something about it on FB. Within five minutes, one of my college buddies from the University of Montana messaged me that his cousin was one of the producers of Springer. By the end of the week I had two VIP tickets to the show.

My friend Daisy and I drove from NYC to Connecticut, where they film the show now. The lobby was full of mostly men and cardboard cut outs like this.


Apparently Maurey Povich is filmed there too.


Because we were VIP’s we got to sit in the front row


But then a stripper came out and danced on the stripper pole (which is a permanent fixture on stage), so we decided to move to the second row. Afterall, we came here for a fight, not close ups of some chick’s cooch.


Things got pretty crazy pretty quick. There were fights of course. One dude came out on stage with Reese’s peanut butter cups and roses to ask his stripper girlfriend to forgive him for cheating on her. She was pissed and threw all his gifts into the audience. Then she jumped on his back and tried punching him. One of the Reeses hit me in the face and landed by my foot.


Daisy and I got so worked up from all the fight’n that we couldn’t help but fight too! Unfortunately, the bouncers broke it up. (But not before I kicked her ass).


We made peace and are still BFF’s.

Two weeks later I got a box in the mail. Not only am I a Jerry Springer VIP, but I’m also the proud owner of all these Jerry Springer items!

(Stamford, CT)

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