On Saturday Night Frankenstorm Hit New York Early…..

(By the way, I wrote this story before NYC was pummeled by Hurricane Sandy. I was so afraid of her that I decided to just be her. Little did I know…..)

She may have a sissy name (Sandy) but boy is she one destructive bi-ach!

She went around town roaring and creating havoc. Pedestrians hid from her under umbrellas

Even Obama, who she found hanging out at an arcade, was terrified of her.

Then she took a break and grabbed a shower.

….and hooked up with a hot pirate.

….then went back to creating havoc again. Jesus tried fighting her off with love, but it didn’t work

For awhile Franenstorm seemed undefeated. And then she ran into David. Then poof! She just went away.

With his bulge and those big balls, David Bowie saved the day!

Don’t fuck with David Bowie guys.

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