The Day A Dream Came True

I’ve got a thing for Latin men. And also for soccer (or rather the passion of its fans). So, lucky me, last winter I found myself living in Argentina and kinda-sorta dating a Latin man obsessed with soccer!

He would get into these wild fits of passion when simply talking about soccer, which would eventually lead to him jumping up and down, singing his “glorious team’s” anthem, and ripping off his soccer jersey

Sometimes he would put a jersey on me, take pictures of his newest recruited fan, then send it to his dad, also a soccer nut.

Well, our fling-thing eventually ended, but my passion for soccer (or rather the men who love it) did not. Unfortunately, I was never in the right place at the right time to see a big game though.

Then one day, during my last week in South America, I ran into this sword-fighter in Rio de Janiero.

I asked if he liked soccer. He said yes,

so after he pretended to kill me, we decided to go to a match together.

The stadium in Rio was even bigger than I imagined.

And the cops were even more prepared than I’d anticipated. Apparently it’s common for fans to beat each other up after a game. (I know this because the Argentinian guy used to spend hours on youtube showing me clips of his glorious team’s fans punching the other team’s fans in the face)

As predicted, people of all ages in South America are super into soccer

and I made some new buddies.

But the real fans were the ones who had flags

So I got myself a flag and did what I was supposed to

only I really sucked at flag waving

and I got it all tangled up!

The fans came over, reprimanded me, and took it away. I’m not a good fan.

But it’s okay. I still got to date a Latin guy, go to a game, and make friends with a sword fighter. THis is him and his daughter, also a sword-fighter.

(Rio de Janiero, Brazil)

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