One day I was Riding My Bike Through Rio When I Saw These Dudes…..

At first they were just hanging around, chatting and eating apples, but then all of a sudden, one started to bully the other. Next thing I know, they’re sword-fighting!

Good thing I just happened to be wearing my armor that day!

I tried to take down the aggressor

but then I remembered that I really suck at sword-fighting and almost died.

Before stabbing me, he asked if I surrendered. I said yes, so he pulled me up off the ground and we became fast friends.

The first thing I asked was if he liked soccer.

“Of course! I’m Brazilian aren’t I?”

So, the next day we went to a soccer game together.

This is the sword-fighter, some random blonde chick we picked up on the subway, me, and the sword-fghter’s daughter (who’s also a sword-fighter). More on the soccer story later….

(Rio de Janiero, Brazil)

p.s. everything about the last half of the story is absolutely true.

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