I Accidentally Got a Brazlian Haircut Yesterday

So my host doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak Portugeise, so we’ve been having some problems.

Last night, for example, I thought my host was taking us to get a free pedicure at the beauty parlor school. Oops. Turns out we were getting free hair cuts. This is a picture of the teacher showing my hair dresser how to royally screw up my hair even more than the last two non-english speaking hair dressers in Argentina did. Sometimes language barriers have serious consequences you guys! I need to figure out how to say no in pantamime without insulting people.

After the haircut last night, we waited for the bus for about 20 minutes, then got on, rode two blocks, and got off. When I looked at her gave her the “Why did we just do that?….we could have walked” look, she made a pretend gun with her hand, held it against my head, pulled the trigger, said “NO SAFE HERE!!!!” then laughed. Apparenly this town is so dangerous that you have to ride the bus two blocks to avoid getting robbed.

Also, yesterday it took me 10 minutes to figure out that she was asking me if those shoes outside getting wet in the rain were mine. I thought she was kicking me out the whole time! Language barrier land mines everywhere you guys!

We are literally using pantamime, awkward noises, and typing sentences into google translate to communicate everything with each other. it’s unbelievably frustrating, but kind of hilarious too. Being in the northern part of Brazil has turned out to be just one long, crazy game of charades, a game I have always sucked at. I am really looking forward to being able to express the most simple statements again with ease, like, “please pass my the salt.” I’m also looking forward to being able to flush toilet paper down the toilet.

(Salvador, Brazil)

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