Bus Bingo!

I just spent 28 hours on this bus. 11 of those were broken down on the side of the road, waiting for a new bus. The women, god bless’em, started a protest that involved walking to the nearby police station and demanding they type up and sign a piece of paper saying our bus company abandoned us for 11 hours with no food or hot water for matte (they’re obsessed with that drink here!) The men said nothing, and some of them were even making fun of the women for bitching, but guess who’s getting a refund because of them? Everyone!

Also, we watched 5 movies including I Am Legend, Little Fockers, Due Date, Man On Fire, and some cheesy American love story. Do you know how awkward it is to watch movies made in your country while in a foreign country on a bus with children when the movies involve a man and his dog masturbating together and a man cutting the fingers off a gangster and a man getting a bomb put up his butt? They would NEVER show movies like that on an American bus or plane. Only Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anisten stuff.

My favorite part of today was the bus bingo, which was led by the bus attendent (if that’s what you call him). That’s what’s happenig in the photo. The grand prize was a bottle of wine of course.

Sorry I didn’t post the last few days. I just spent the last 3 nights on buses.

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