Daily Archives: April 26, 2012

Bathroom Doors In Chile

I saw these bathrooms at a bar the other night

This was the inside of the women’s bathroom. (I didn’t go in the men’s)

Although it might look like she’s about to get it from behind, I’m pretty sure she’s supposed to be squatting. That’s what you have to do here because none of the public bathrooms have toilet paper and the seats are usually soaked in piss. Since I can never remember to bring TP when I go out on the town, I always end up having to wipe with teeny tiny pieces of paper I find in my pocket, like receipts.

This reminds me of a bathroom I found in Iowa six years ago.

This is the inside of the women’s bathroom. She’s happy because she didn’t have to squat.

(Valparaiso, Chile and Bumfuck, Iowa)