Yesterday I Taught My English Class About Crime.

1) I don’t know why the word “protester” and “dolphin” were included in this lesson. I just went by what the book told me to teach.

2) Chileans only know the word “abduction” in terms of aliens.

3) I couldn’t figure out a way to describe what a burgler was without referencing The Hamburgler from McDonald’s. None of my students knew who this was, so I tried to explain Grimace and Ronald McDonald.

4) They knew who Ronald McDonald was after I wrote the word “clown” but couldn’t figure out what he had to do with rape or murder. I asked if they’d ever watch Law & Order Special Victims Unit but they had not. Apparently clowns in South American are not known for being creepy or child molesters like they are back in the States.

5) I really suck at drawing. Hamburgler looks ridiculous and my students thought Grimace was one of the bad guys from Pacman.

This was the most disturbing/hilarious class I’ve ever taught in my whole life.

(Valparaiso, Chile)

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