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They Burned This Giant Judas and Almost Caught a Bunch of People on Fire

Unlike the other Judases they burned for Easter, this one looked a lot like Ira Glass….

in clown shoes

Before the burning, the community did a lot of Christian things, like listen to bands, watch a clown do magic tricks, and play an epic game of tug-o-war amongst the kids.

My friend and I couldn’t just sit by and watch as these sad sacks lose, so we gave’em a hand.

Of course we won because we’re awesome. This is our victory face.

After all the fun and games, though, it came time to burn some shit. This is a 2 minute video about what happened. (By the way, this would never happen in the United States).

Here’s the link:


(p.s – this was all shot with my iphone, so pardon the lack of fancy camera work)

(Valparaiso, Chile)