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I Just Got Home From the Dentist. This is a Story I Wrote About Getting A Cavity Removed in Chile.

So This Is What the Garage Doors Look Like Here in Valparaiso.

No seriously. Everything is a canvas in this town.

(Valparaiso, Chile)

Even the Protests in this Town Are Led by Clowns. Doctor Clowns On Stilts That Is.

(Valpo, Chile)

Yesterday This Group of Clowns Set up a Table in the Middle of the Town Plaza and Had a Spaghetti Dinner

They were a rowdy bunch with quite an appetite.

And like most family dinners, grandpa sat at the head of the table and called the shots.

I still have no idea why they did this. A few seconds after I took this picture, they squirted water from a toy gun at me and yelled “no foto!”

I love this weird-ass town I’m living in

(Valparaiso, Chile)

This Is What Happens at Stop Lights in Chile

People juggle fire

(Valparaiso. Chile)

Today I Got Tear-Gased For My First Time Ever During a Massive Chilean Protest. Yay!

(Valparaiso, Chile)

One of My Stories Just Won an Award.

Click here to read it.

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