Surrogate Grandparents For a Night

A guy named Nacho, who I’d just found on the, picked me up from the bus station when I arrived in his town. Nacho forgot to tell me that his grandparents were home this weekend, even though there were plenty of opportunities, like when we were cooking dinner or chatting in their living room.

It wasn’t until 5am that morning, when I came home by myself from the pub (because Nacho wanted to hook up with a girl he met at the bar) that I figured it out. I was wandering around their house by headlamp, opening up every door in search of a bathroom, when I walked into grandma and grandpa’s room. I totally woke them up with my beam, scaring the crap out of all of us, and it was super awkward.

This is what I slept on that night. I think it is grandpa’s vest, turned into a pillow.

The next morning grandpa came into my room and showed me photos of his life as a firefighter while I sat on my bed in my pajamas. Since I still don’t speak Spanish very well yet and thus, couldn’t understand much of what he was saying, I did what I usually do and shook my head, saying “Ahhhh. Si. Si.”

I know they look mean in this photo, but they were super nice. Since Nacho didn’t come home until 10am the next morning, I’m sill not sure they ever knew who this foreign girl was sleeping in their house. They seemed pleased to have someone who showed interest in their lives. After Grandpa’s trip down memory lane, grandma came into my room and stated tell me about her life as a child, which I didn’t understand most of. “Ahhh. Si, si,” I said.

For breakfast that morning they served me coffee and chocolate chip cookies. What a great way to kick off my adventures in Chile!

(a small town in Chile)

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