Rich People Aren’t The Only Ones With Summer Homes

I just moved last week, so I now live at the end of this properly named road.

My unbelievably generous friend is letting me crash here for the summer, where I get this whole trailer all to myself.

It’s at least five times larger than the inside of my truck. And I can stand up in it!

Some nights I’ll sleep inside on my big-ass comfy bed

but most nights I’ll probably sleep here.

I have everything I could want in a backyard: lots of open space, dogs, and random piles of dirt.

My friend also made this bathroom for me.

This is what I look at when I am taking a crap.

My favorite part about the place, though, is the name of it.

Even if I end up rich one day, I hope I’ll continue to live in places where I can sleep and crap outside.

(Taos, NM)

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  1. Cullen says:

    Amazing! Love it! So charming and simple. Heard you on a RISK! podcast and it left me excited to learn more about you. I think you rock. Keep up the amazing lifestyle.

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