My Favorite Old Man In NYC

I never met this man because I never once walked by when he wasn’t ripping on that keyboard of his. For someone who makes a living playing cute, weird songs in subway stations with a bunch of dolls, he sure was a happy fella.

My favorite of his dolls, which all danced by the way, was this one. She shook her hips back and forth like a belly dancer or laid on the ground sometimes, bouncing only her head from side to side.

I haven’t seen this man since leaving NYC four months ago, but I think about him still every once in awhile. People like this are what make NYC so amazing.

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  1. Saw Lady says:

    This is my friend Edwardo. He hasn’t played in the subway for a while because he suffered a fall and is now rehabilitating after surgery.
    I write about what happens when I play in the subway, including about other subway musicians, so if you ever wonder about a musician in the NYC subway you could search for them on my blog.

    If you ever see a lady playing the saw in the subway – say ‘hi’ to her. That would be me 🙂

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