This Giant Box Showed Up For Me At My Parents’ House In Tennessee

I forgot to give them a heads up, so they called me one day and said, “Um, we have a package here for you from The Jerry Springer Show….. Is there something we should know about?”

They were relieved to learn that I’d been to the show, not on the show.

A few weeks earlier I’d posted on facebook that I really, really, really wanted to fullfill my adult-life-long dream of seeing a live taping of the Jerry Springer Show before leaving NYC. My buddy from college saw this status update and immediately gave me the email of his relative, who works for the show. A few days later I was on my way to the taping with my friend Daisy and two VIP tickets for front row seats.

About a week after the taping, my buddy’s relative sent me an email and said he had some gifts he’d like to mail me. Since I was moving away from NYC in a week and didn’t have an address in New Mexico yet, I had it sent to my parents’ house just to be safe. This is what showed up:

Can you believe all this stuff!!!!!

That’s five stickers, one coozie, five shot glasses, three bottle openers, one t-shirt, one magnet, two buttons that say “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!”, a frisbee (my favorite), and a Jerry Springer backpack thingy to carry it all in.

This is by far the coolest package anyone has ever sent me and the scariest my parents have ever received on my behalf. I don’t know how I keep ending up with friends in high places like this, but I’m a very lucky woman.

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