So This Lady Parked Next To Me At The Grocery Store The Other Day

It’s not that uncommon for people in New Mexico to either a) live in their cars or b) appear to be living in their cars. What struck me as odd with this particular car, though, was not the fact that her stuff covered every square inch except the front seat, where her dog sat, but that it consisted of nothing other than trash (with the exception of that bright orange back scratcher in the window).

So I was sitting there thinking about how overwhelming and chaotic it must be to live like this when all of a sudden, she got out of her car. Dukes of Hazzard style. Yes, we’re talking a Bo and Luke Duke window exit. The best part was that she was totally unashamed and nonchalant about her behavior, not to mention really, really good at it. A few minutes later, she came back and jumped right back in the same fashion and drove away, presumably to run another normal-person errand, like buying stamps.

Of course, because this is New Mexico, where everyone’s got some level of weirdness, no one seemed to notice or think anything of this lady’s Dukes of Hazzard tendencies. Or her car full of trash. So here we come to yet another thing I love about this state – it reminds me of New York City – you can be as unusual as you want and no one really gives a damn.

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