So My Mom Took This Picture For Me

Not only is this one of my favorite signs ever, this photo was actually taken BY MY MOM.

I tried to take this picture myself on my way home from visiting her in Kentucky. She’d told me to be on the look out for this sign on the interstate, but I never found it. When I reported to her my failure, she went out and took the picture herself and sent it to me. I realize it must be hard having a daughter who prefers to live in her truck and who puts embarrassing photos of herself all over the internet, but for some reason, my parents have been pretty good sports about all this, and now even contributing photographers! I mean, just look at this photo. USED cows????

The funny thing is my mother didn’t even know I lived in my truck until she found this blog a year and a half ago. What can I say?….. It was easier to fugde the truth by saying I was camping or staying with friends than to have her worry about me getting murdered in the back of my truck all the time. Well, of course, now that she knows, she can’t help but worry about me getting murdered all the time. Her way of coping, though, is to look out for me in whatever ways she can, like researching well-lit, camera-surveillanced Walmart parking lots for me to sleep in, then calling me with the addresses and directions to said parking lots. Don’t you just love Moms?

I’m a very lucky woman.

(photo taken near Lexington, KY)

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