Daily Archives: December 28, 2010

I’d Be Embarrassed By Me

My Mom and Stepdad live in this amazing antebellum home in Kentucky now. On Christmas we got to eat dinner in their fancy dining room using their best china.

Unfortunately, I’m allergic to everything they served, so I ended up doing a Melanie-friendly meal

When I realized just how ridiculous my part of the table looked, I of course took a picture.

1) a cracked tupperware container that used to be full of cabbage
2) a bowl that used to be full of cinnamon (for dipping foods into)
3) a tall-sided bowl to contain the food pushed around by my fork (I try to avoid plates whenever possible – I’ve ruined too many lovely tablecloths)

This is actually what I do at every meal, even special holiday meals. I’d certainly be annoyed eating next to someone like myself, so here’s to my loving, tolerant family.