You Can Learn a Lot From Musicians

I took this picture at the Nashville airport. At first I thought this guy with the guitar was an idiot for thinking he could bring a giant guitar as a carry-on. After the flight attendant told him she’d check the bag for him at the gate and that it would be waiting for him the moment he stepped off the plane, I changed my mind. This guy was a genious! I’d just paid $25 to check my little suitcase and there was no guarantee it even made it on the plane. This guy figured out a way to avoid the fee and keep his luggage safe – just play stupid!

Of course, five minutes later he actually brought said guitar on the plane as if that entire conversation hadn’t just happened. When the flight attendant made him go back and drop it off by the door, he looked puzzled. So perhaps he wasn’t playing stupid after all. Nevertheless, he taught me, the five people around him, and anyone reading this now how to beat the system and save twenty-five bucks. Pretend the rules don’t exist, but if/when they call you on it, just act like a dumb musician.

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