I’ll always prefer truck stops

I love hanging out at truck stops. They have everything a woman could ever want – lots of men, cheap showers and food, free tv. Need I go on? But the thing I love the most about truck stops are the amazing game rooms.

I left New York City yesterday to drive to Nashville, where I’m supposed to catch a flight to Florida on Friday morning to visit big sis. What should have taken me nine hours yesterday took twelve and a half. I blame it on this one particular truck stop off Interstate 81. It had two of my favorites

Terminator Salvation

and basketball!

Of course, now, due to my many game detours, I’m stuck in Dublin, Virginia in an ice storm. It’s too cold to sleep in the truck at a truck stop so I had to sleep in a motel.

Motels suck. No men. Or food. Or games!

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  1. Sue Hamlett says:

    Hi Melanie,

    I’m a Hamlett with two tees also. Nice to meet you. I live in Maine–another emotional continent from NYC although I am originally from Montreal.
    I came across your blog through The Moth.

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