The Bad Sheppard

Yesterday I was peacefully minding my business on the subway when this disgruntled sheppard-looking man came into our car. He dramatically walked up and down the aile, beating his stick on the ground with each step and mumbling aggressive jibberish under his breath. We did what New Yorkers do best – hid how annoyed and frightened we were by pretending he didn’t exist. After he passed by, the guy across from me and and I locked eyes and broke out in huge smiles. How could you not laugh at the absurdity of the situation? Just then, though, the angry sheppard man turned around and caught my partner-in-crime smiling. “Yeah, everything’s real funny,” he yelled “UNTIL I KILL YOU.” Point taken. We stopped smiling… until he turned his back that is. It soon became a game, like that one you play in school where you’re trying really hard not to get caught laughing in class by the teacher.

Now this might sound crazy, but moments like these are what make me love this city. Most places don’t have countless opportunities to bond with total a strangers over a death threat from a psycho.

And yes, I’m an idiot for taking a picture of the guy who threatened to kill me.

One Comment Add yours

  1. liz says:

    well, at least you cut my head off… but still i somehow feel exposed. maybe cuz it’s zoomed in….


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