You Can Pick Your Friends and You Can Pick Your Apples

I saw this sign in High Falls, New York one day. I wasn’t sure what organic “style” meant, but apples are my fav, so I stopped.

I’m pretty sure I was the only customer at the orchard that day.

I couldn’t even find an employee to help me, so I decided to wander around for awhile. Everything at the orchard was marked with signs.

Since this place was clearly run by a bunch of hippies, I’m guessing they were getting stoned in the barn or something.

The only sign of human life at all was an abandoned car, which looked liked it’d been sitting there for quite some time, given the decaying basketball on the roof

and the mangled teddy bear in the front seat.

I followed the sign around back

where I came across even more random signs

The owners must have been stoned, for the average person doesn’t find someone’s old rusty mower all that interesting.

Eventually, I came across a sign that had something to do with apple-picking.

I wonder how much money they save on labor at this place.

I paid my money like an honest consumer and got to it.

I had no idea apple picking could be so hard. Or boring.

Just when I’d had enough picking with such an awkward device,

I saw this sign

These apples weren’t organic! The tractor was organic. Well, that explains what the phrase “organic style apples” meant.

Organic or not, they were delicious!

In all seriousness, though, these apples are fabulous, cheap, and way better for the environment. You don’t have to pick them yourself either. Support your local farmers, even if you never meet them because they’re off hitting the pipe in the barn.

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