Joshua Tree National Park in California is one of the most amazing places on Earth.

Most people go there to rock climb.

Ropes and gear are usually involved, but sometimes people free solo, like this dude in the yellow shirt

who climbed barefoot up to that little nook to read a book.

For those of you unfamiliar with climbing, it’s not nearly as dangerous as you probably think.

The only real danger lies in having a bad belayer. One, who, for instance, is narcoleptic


or a perve

The real excitement in Joshua Tree doesn’t happen on rock. It’s back at the campground. Some climbers like to shoot things when they get back to camp, like these guys

who use this trick-or-treating pumkin for practice.

(They only hit that pumpkin twice the whole time we were there.)

These guys were so obsessed with guns, they were shoot’n first thing every morning

If you’re not into guns, there’s tons of other stuff to do around the campground

But sometimes you need more. That’s why my friends and I go to Fort Fun.

The craziest people live at Fort Fun, like Vegas performers

and climbers who wear weird outfits

Even whoopie cushions hang out at Fort Fun.

There’s always live music at Fort Fun

and sometimes the band will even wear costumes

On special occasions, everyone will dress up and have a spontaneous parade for no particular reason.

The food at Fort Fun is pretty amazing. I mean, who doesn’t like hamburgers?

except this psycho

Speaking of hamburgers, people like to dress up like those too!

The best part about Fort Fun is its birthday parties

Sometimes these parties are kind of low key and include mellow activities like yoga (notice the arrow in the photo above)

You can play board games if you’d like

or even watch movies.

Other times the birthday parties are a little more traditional, involving a Mickey Mouse pinata and broom

My friends and I prefer hiring the drunk clown for our bithday parties though.

He usually brings a keg

which means

kegstands and eventually….

drunk guys picking up cars. Just because.

(notice how much they moved this car by the sand imprint!)

Of course, drinking in the desert can be quite dangerous if you don’t have access to a ton of water.

No need to worry though. Fort Fun also has tons of water

Whether you’re at Fort Fun or another campsite, Joshua Tree is magical. And it’s not dangerous at all. I hope you decide to visit one day, even if you don’t climb. To be honest, the only thing likely to get you killed is sleeping

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