Daily Archives: October 3, 2010

Narcolepsy Ain’t So Bad

This is where I slept on Friday night. Under this bench. They really aren’t so bad, especially if you just so happen to have a sleeping bag with you.

The best part about it was waking up to a man staring at me. He finally came over, as if he’d been dying to chat. “I just have to ask,” he said. “How do you do that?” I couldn’t think of a reason why I do sleeping so well, so I told him it’s because I sleep outside a lot. That I’m comfortable sleeping on the ground, in my truck, on rocks. “Yeah,” I said, “sometimes I have a hard time sleeping in beds because they’re too soft. If I could sleep in my backyard every night, I totally would. You know, you should totally try it! You’ll never go back to sleeping in a bed again!” He said he just might try it. He probably just said that, but maybe!

It didn’t occur to me until hours later that I “do sleeping” so well because I’m narcoleptic. I could fall asleep just about anywhere, like a swimming pool, and doing just about anything, like construction work with power tools. As a matter of fact, I have! I’m kind of glad I was too groggy to remember I was narcoleptic when this man questioned me. He might be sleeping in his backyard somewhere out there, and the thought of that makes me unbelievably happy.