Daily Archives: September 23, 2010

Youth Hostels In America

My sister and I spent a few days in Orlando this spring. We stayed at this amazing youth hostel,

apparently owned by graffiti artists

and aspiring painters. The Van Gogh bathroom was pretty sweet

but not nearly as impressive as the lounge

Where else do you get to pose with legends like Jim?

and play ping pong on top of Bob?

They even had paintings in the piano room, which doubled as the computer room

which also doubled as a weight room

This “youth” hostel sure did have a lot of old people, but I didn’t mind.

Having an old man in the weight room did wonders for my confidence

The best part about this place was the backyard, which had fountains

fancy statues

and a pool!

Now for the downside.

1)Everything had a sign on it saying “DO NOT USE”

2) ping pong was challenging on a table like this

3) there was waaaay too much furniture

and the tiki bar was always closed!

The rooms weren’t all that nice either

Again, with the excessive furniture!

The major redeeming quality, though, was the view from our balcony. It was just like being in NYC.