Daily Archives: July 17, 2010


I never did figure out what the heck they sell here

(Astoria, Oregon)

Starbucks: A Place For Everyone

The Starbucks in New York City serve many purposes: coffee of course, public restroom, a good napping place, a private bathroom to shoot up heroin and pass out in, a place to sit down for hours without actually buying anything, a warm refuge for homeless, and an office (for people like me who can’t seem to get much writing done at home).

Starbucks is also the place where anorexic models come to change their clothes, reapply make-up, do their hair and change into crazy shoes that make them ginormous before their two o’clock auditions.

These girls prepped in the middle of Starbucks for a good twenty minutes. It was fascinating to watch (and listen to).