My New Homeless BFF’s

One day I woke up in my friends’ driveway in Taos, New Mexico.

While I was brushing my teeth

I started to think I might be overstaying my welcome

so I went looking for other places to hang out. I came across a fellow truck dweller at the first parking lot

Unfortunately, the owner never got out of the truck, so I moved on.

I thought I’d lucked out at the next parking lot when I pulled up next to this couple

but all they wanted to do was sleep and read their stupid book.

This RV pulled in a little while later, but the people never came outside

so I just played with their cat

When the RV with the dog showed up a couple hours later, the RV with the cat had to leave

I was totally bummed that these people never came outside either, not even to hoola-hoop.

Just when I was about to leave and try another parking lot, this van pulled in

I’d been wanting someone to explain why the world was going to end in 2012.

Their van did just that.

I was a little intimidated by my potential new friends, so I spied on them from my truck

and drooled over the delicious meal they were cooking.

When they finished their lunch I mustered the courage to go and talk to them. We started off with some small talk about how boring today had been so far.

So I, of course, suggested we take some pictures of how bored we were.

and then the opposite of bored.

After telling them about my narcolepsy, I asked if they wanted to be (pretend) narcoleptic with me

The Vietnam Vet tried to pull one over on me

I made him try again.


I asked if we could pretend it was 2012 and we were watching the world ending.

which they, of course, were way into

SInce that one went over so well, I thought they’d really get a kick out of pretend murder.

I think the Vietnam Vet had lived through enough violence in his lifetime

but he was happy to hold Dora while I pretend murdered his son

No hard feelings though. His son said we’d always be friends forever

forever meaning three years, since we’re all gonna die in 2012.

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