Daily Archives: January 10, 2010

The Strangest Parking Lot

One night in Tennessee I slept in this hotel parking lot

While I remembered seeing the creepy elf and Rudolf hotel sign the night before

I hadn’t noticed the crazy cars parked next to me

like this dune-buggy not on the beach

and this paddywagon

which had a flat

and Don Knotts inside

Apparently the paddy wagon had come all the way from Mayberry, North Carolina

and was owned by the cheapest barber on the planet. (25 cents!!!)

Unfortunately, these guys were too lazy to help the poor paddywaggon with its flat tire.

The hippies in Hawaiian shirts at least tried. This guy

searched all over his care for a spare

but couldn’t find one buried under all the traffic lights.

So the Paddywaggon people asked the other hippy in a flowered shirt.

who lived in a short bus

and graduated in the class of ’69

Luckily, he had not one, but two spare tires.

not to mention a huge collection of birdhouses

and my favorite, Sponge Bob Square Pants Curtains!

Leave it to the hippies to save the day!