The Nativity Museum

One day I was walking around Branson, Missouri when I came across this nativity scene painted on a window (in the middle of August)

Then I realized it was

A Nativity Museum! I’d never been to one of those before.

Although it was Friday, and they should have been open, the door was locked. So I called 377-PRAY

and found out they would open in an hour.

I did some window shopping next door while I waited. Luckily the museum was next to two other places I had also been pursuing

a job

and a comedy distributor

Next door to JOKES was a suspicious store

selling brown paper bags I think,

Weezie’s, and a store that wouldn’t let me in because it discriminated against window shoppers.

Once the doors to the museum finally opened, I realized they were going out of business.

(I was comforted by the fact that the storeowner spelled just as poorly as I do)

I can’t ever resist a bargain, so I decided to buy a nativity scene.

But I was a little overwhelmed when the lady showed me the museum/store


The owner had a map of all the places around the world where she’d bought nativity scenes.

Stayed tuned to the most ridiculous (and somewhat disturbing) collection of nativity scenes on the planet……

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