Graceland for Dollhouse-Fetish People

One day I was driving through Richmond, Virginia when I came across this house

I thought the owners were crazy doll house fetish people

until I realized

they were just Elvis enthusiasts!

Me: Oh my God, Dora….

…We made it to Graceland afterall!
Dora: Well, Miniature Graceland. It’s not quite the same. Elvis never lived here

Me: Fine be a fuddy duddy. I’m gonna go look for Elvis.
Dora: Fine. I’ll be by the pool.

On my exploration of the property, I found Elvis’s car museum

The house he grew up in,

(I couldn’t believe he had baby statues almost as big as his house)

and the church he got married in

When I peaked into the windows of Mini Graceland

some rooms looked just like I had imagined Graceland would be

like the jukebox room

but others were a total mess

like the piano room with the fallen over Christmas tree

and the unplugged piano with missing keys

The kitchen appeared as if Elvis had smashed everything in a drunken rage

And the outside wasn’t any better

The statues were all knocked over

and the pool Dora was laying out by….


Me: Dora, come here! Elvis is live in concert!

Dora: No he’s not. It’s just a stupid sign

Me: Yes he is! Um, by the way, you need to put that jumpsuit back on. No one wants to see your potbelly
Dora: I hate that stupid jumpsuit.

Dora was right. The “concert” was at the miniature Concert Hall

(with an insanely large flag pole!)

and didn’t have the real Elvis.

only a stupid mini doll Elvis.

Me: F@#k this place! Let’s tear it up!
Dora: Ye-ah! Demolish Graceland!

Shortly after the demolition

the guilt set in

Me: Dear God. I’m sorry. I don’t know what got into me. Please forgive us
Dora: Speak for yourself. I thought that was fun

On our way out, I gave a nice donation to the golden mailbox so they could rebuild what we had destroyed

and that’s when I saw him


Elvis: This one’s going out to the beauties in the front row

Me: That’s us!!!!!

Elvis: Watch the arm, hon
Dora: Ewwww! Look at his missing eye. He’s like a pirate.
Me: Shut up. He’s my pirate.

Elvis: Hands off the mircrophone too, sweets

Elvis: Hey, I love your hat. Can I wear it?

Me: OH MY GOD!!!!

Elvis: Hey now. Hands off the jacket….

…I’m a married man with a daughter (even if she did marry that loser Jackson)

It was the best day of destroying Graceland and touching Elvis on Summer Tour 2009 ever!!!!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Dollhouse says:

    I don’t have any words to appreciate this post…..I am really impressed ….the person who created this post surely knew the subject well..thanks for sharing this with us.

    1. melaniehamlett says:

      Hey thanks! If you liked that one, you should check this link out. It’s pretty amazing too.

  2. Dollhouse says:

    Some interesting and well researched information on photos. I’ll put a link to this site on my blog. Thank you!

  3. Peggy says:

    Elvis & Priscilla were married in Vagas! NOT a church. He went to church as a boy. Just sayin’.

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