World’s Worst Name for a Store

One day I was driving through West Virginia when I came across this store.

While I was curious to see what kind of collectibles they had and what a “supplie” was

I was a little afraid the store actually sold slavegirls.

Fortunately, they didn’t. Instead they sold baseball posters,

giant basketball players,

Nascar drivers who love Coca Cola,

Star Wars figures who love Pepsi,

and a guy who I think is deceased.

They also had large collections of dishware

and pumkins

comic books

and outdated campaign signs

Native American figurines

and snowmen

and dolls. Lots of dolls

Basketball, wrestling and baby dolls to name a few

They also sold boxes. Lots of boxes

And crutches.

I almost left empty-handed

until I came across these Full House Playing Cards. My favorite show of all time!!!!

Best collection of unrelated stuff in a store on Summer Tour 2009 ever!

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