Daily Archives: November 25, 2009

Deformed People, Bigfoot, and Snacks

One day my sister and I were driving through Washington and had to use the bathroom really bad. So we stopped here

at the exhibit hall/tourist information/chamber of commerce

We were greeted by this lady and her poodle

and then her grandkids and Lab.

While the lady gave my sister information about the area, I tried to convince her grandson to let me in on a game of solitaire.

We passed by some of their exhibits on the way to the bathroom. While I thoroughly enjoyed

the collection of logging equipment

the giant pile of sticks

the wooden men logging and sitting in a rocking chair,

and the prison clothes,

the miniature carousel was my favorite.

While my sister checked out the dentist chair

and the history of dentistry

I investigated rocks

and came to believe they do actually float. (How could I have been so wrong all these years!)

We also learned about the people from the Castle Rock area. Not only do they like hats, but they also seem to have some major physical deformations

like being decapitated,

missing their arms

or having really bad skin diseases

like this guy who played for Team Barbeque

We eventually found the bathroom. While we were in there my sister looked at a map of Washington

while I watered the plants

(since it was Wednesday)

Thank goodness we’d just used the bathroom. I might have otherwise peed myself when I saw the giant cougar on the wall

which was way more terrifying than Bigfoot

who was actually a pretty tender creature

Even the birds thought so.

The exhibit center also had a large collection of books

that they loaned out

free coffee


(well, they weren’t actually edible)

and best of all, a piano!

Before we left, we read about the exciting events of the area

like winning first place in a parade

being on American Idol

and proving that Bigfoot actually exists!

On our way out, we went to their gift shop that sold coffee mugs

and wheel chairs.

It was the best place I’ve stopped to use the bathroom on Summer Tour 2009 ever!