People Who Live in a School Bus

My sister Shannon joined us for a whole week of Summer Tour!

One day my sister, Dora, and I were driving through Olympic National Park in Washington and realized we really needed a bathroom. Pronto.


We asked this lovely couple if there was a gas station around.


They suggested we ask the people in the bus if we could use their facilities.

Even if I didn’t need to use the bathroom, I would have made up an excuse to explore the most amazing bus ever!


Of course, I wasn’t sure what on earth the bus was exactly.


Maybe it was the home of someone obsessed with The Wizard Of Oz.


Or Sesame Street


Actually, it was a coffee shop


I asked the people inside if Dora and I could use their bathroom.

The dude said we could, but only in exchange for labor. Yeah, we knew. Water wasn’t free.


So Dora and I helped out his wife


I made sandwhiches


while Dora made coffee


I was taken off sandwhich duty for reasons I still don’t understand, and put on coffee duty with Dora.

But Dora sucked at making coffee. And so did I.


So we got stuck doing the stupid dishes.

While Dora and I worked our butts off just to use their nasty bathroom
my sister (who didn’t have to go) hung out with the bus people.
Since they weren’t paying attention, I figured I could take a break and let Dora cover for me.

I chilled out in their living room for awhile

and played with their cute little pit bull

I noticed they had a guitar.

So I played my favorite love song


and then a little Pantera


All that playing wore me out
so I laid down on their bed for a minute

and soaked in the rays from their sunroof

The sweet little pit bull joined me on the bed


Unfortunately, the sun and beds make my narcolepsy worse
So I fell asleep accidentally.

I woke up an hour later


to the dog just staring at me


and the wife yelling at me to get off her bed.

On my way out the door

I stole some coffee.
And I don’t feel the least bit bad about it.

Cuz they were drug addicts anyways.

When we thanked them for letting us use their bathroom, they kicked us out the door.


As I walked away, I took a closer look at their bus.



No wonder they were psycho. They were freak’n aliens!!!!!!

Best day of playing with dogs and guitars and stealing stuff on Summer Tour 2009 ever!

This story is not entirely true. This couple was so nice and totally amazing… not aliens or drug addicts. They are actually looking for property to buy where they can park their bus. If you have some, leave a comment on this story for them.

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  1. Tarah says:

    haha, fantastic! I want to live on a bus like that. Sunroof, cute dog, bathroom, and all the coffee you would ever need. sigh

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