Tanning Salons and Beef Jerky

One day while driving through New Mexico, I realized I really needed some color. Unfortunately, it’s not always sunny in New Mexico


But that didn’t matter because I found a tanning salon



I was a little disappointed that I didn’t quite look like the chick on the door when I left


but that’s okay. I didn’t need a tan to feel good about myself.


Wigs, some romantic stuff, and helium balloons would suffice.

The only thing I hate about tanning is how much it dehydrates you. Luckily, I just so happened to pass a water store


that happened to have my favorite foods

Before getting some water, I checked out their thrift store


but everything was a little over-priced.

I got a little distracted by the multi-flavored beef jerky

which made me more thirsty for beer than water

Unfortunately though, you had to bring your own beer to this stupid store

They did have satellite tv I could watch while drinking my water


I had hoped to get some ice cream while I was there too, since that’s what the signs said


and maybe even pick up a guy, since that’s also what the sign implied


But I failed at getting ice cream or a guy. All that romantic crap I had bought at the tanning place ended up going to waist.

Best day of eating beef multi-flavored jerky but not picking up a guy of Summer Tour 2009 ever!

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