Who Needs Stupid Motels Anyways?

One of the reasons I sleep in my truck instead of hotels (besides the whole not-having-money-to thing) is


I don’t feel like I belong

I’ve never quilted a day in my life

(although I might relate to them in terms of having crazy days)

A lot of motels like people who quilt apparently


they even have a quilt shop in this Bed and Breakfast


I’m not really sure if this is actually a B & B though. Seems more like an apartment complex.


I also don’t bowl
or study the Bible.


I am not a member of a full gospel church or battery group (whatever that is)

and I’m not a crusty, old “seasoned” senior citizen.

I’m okay with this. I didn’t want to stay at these places anyways. So there.

Best day of feeling inferior yet superior to motel people on Summer Tour 2009 ever!

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