Jesus Perfers Pawn Shops

I was driving down the highway in Tennessee one day when I came across this pawn shop


After I read this sign,


I thought about it….

If Jesus came by this pawn shop today, he’d probably be more interested in buying than selling. Jesus doesn’t really need cash. My guess is, he’d be shopping for guns

and a truck. Since he’s Jesus, he wouldn’t mind a beat up truck. If he can walk on water, he can fix a flat

Money not being an issue for Jesus
he probably wouldn’t need their generous hunting rifle loan

My guess is he’d also stay at the motel next door while he was in town
and find a new best friend.

Best day of thinking about Jesus on Summer Tour 2009 ever!

P.S. This pawn shop reminded me of that gas station that Jesus bought guns at (that I posted last week)

I’m starting to think he is kind of a gun fanatic.

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