Daily Archives: October 4, 2009

Rural America Baffles Me

Rural America is both fascinating and baffling.

I stumbled across Tammy’s house in Missouri. It was really easy to find since she had this big sign out front marking it.

tammy's place

I did not get to go in and say hello, though, because she’s only at her house on these days


And Sundays are questionable.

Charlie was also easy to find.


Not just because his truck is so well marked, but because a monster truck is hard not to notice.

This salon was easy to find, but it was a little misleading.
Had I know I’d be getting a hair cut in a computer repair/sales place and storage unit, I would have gone elsewhere.

This oak tree was super easy to find


but I think I could have found it without the sign


This person selling divorces and bankruptcies for $35 was not as smart. I was just lucky to have been looking in a tree when I noticed the sign

This person made sure no one could miss the white chain letter “S”
in his/her yard

(especially at night)

or the tree


But they weren’t so smart about their signs.


I almost missed the best deal in the world. A FOUR pack of cars!

Best day being confused on Summer Tour 2009 EVER