Daily Archives: October 1, 2009

Weirdest Fudge Shop Ever

After Mr.Gatti’s pizza, I wanted to get me some fudge. Wouldn’t you know I came across a fudge shop just down the road.


I lost my appetite, however, when I noticed the creepy scarecrows on the roof

I guess they’re called scarecrows for a reason. Other birds seem to enjoy their company and perching right next to them

The scarecrows are apparently more human-like than I suspected. These guys are BFF’s!

I’m guessing the one in the middle is the jokester cuz everyone seems to love him

This poor guy is a total loner

maybe because he avoids eye contact with people

He’s not as loney as this dude though.
At least the birds (that he’s not successfully scaring away) will hang out with him

These guys seem too cool for school
Maybe they’re just trying to ignore the fact that there’s an imposter among them

I thought at first it was the ugliest scarecrow foot in the world
then I noticed

It’s actually a crow posing as a scarecrow!
I can’t figure out if the plaid shirt guy won’t hold his hand because he’s afraid of intimacy or because he’s weirded out by the scarecrow-crow

And what are humbugs?

Best day of not getting fudge on Summer Tour 2009 EVER!