Mr. Gatti’s and King Kong

One day while driving through Virginia, we came across the Pink Cadillac Diner/Budget Inn. I was starving, so we stopped.


We were greeted at the entrance…


by an egg (Humpty Dumpty I’m guessing)

Unfortunately, I was jones’n for some pizza and they didn’t have any. So we left.

On our way back to the truck we noticed
KING KONG next to the motel section.

I was just as happy to see that trucks were welcome – you wouldn’t believe how many places we’re not – as I was to see a ginormous ape
I was feeling brave that day and asked KING KONG if I could get a high-five.

He used his free, chained hand to slap me some skin


and then, of course, Dora the copy-cat had to do it too.


I was on a mission for some pizza, therefore not deterred by the giant, weird lever hanging out of this restaurant we came across.

They not only had pizza, but an arcade!


While I waited on my slices


I noticed this ginormous banjo in the middle of the restaurant


So of course, Dora and I played it.


Since we didn’t notice this sign beforehand


We got kicked out.

That was fine because I was actually craving some Halloween pizza anyways.


I hadn’t eaten at Mr. Gatti’s since I was a kid.


Now I know why. Even though they had pizza and an arcade, they ain’t no Chucky Cheese.

Best day of Pizza and ginormous things that don’t make sense on Summer Tour 2009 EVER!!!!!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. I don’t see where “No Giant Animated Mouse” would be a plus… Gimmie my animated mouse, dammit!!!!

  2. Doc Ivo says:

    Jeeez, You’re from NY you should know …..that’s KONG !

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