Gun Sales and God

One day I was checking facebook in the front seat of my truck as usual, when my modem stopped working. Crap.


Luckily, I was parked outside this gas station that just so happened to have internet access.


And it just so happens I was starving and needing gas too. What luck!


I knew my truck took un-leaded, but I wasn’t so sure about no-lead.


I almost went for it, but no-lead seemed a little suspicious, so I chickened out.


And I didn’t get a Blimpie sandwhich cuz this cowboy took so darn long with his complicated order.


After I looked at souvenier T-shirts for awhile, I finally located the internet cafe


but the connection was too slow and that chair was super uncomfortable


so I hit up a new gas station


This gas stations was even cooler. I didn’t find a wifi signal like the other place, but I did get to finally buy a hot dog, a gun, a phone card, and some ammo. Plus, I now knew where I could get my gun repaired, should it break.


With a fill up, I got a free ticket to WIngs of Magic (my favorite show!!!) But the best part was leaving that gas station knowing in my heart that Jesus is indeed alive and loves me.

Best gas station on Summer Tour 2009 EVER!

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