Alligators In The Desert

We were driving through Colorado one day when we came across all these letters that spelled out “Colorado Gators”


Oh my God! I’d totally forgotten getting those discount Colorado Gator tickets back at the UFO Watchtower.

There were signs for this place for miles. My favorites were the traincar art

and the broke-down truck

This alligator pointed us in the right direction


The alligator farm offered a lot of options.

alligators, fresh fish, and canoe rentals. Canoeing in alligator-infested water would be soooo exciting!

Despite all the signs encouraging us to come to the alligator farm, the no tresspassing sings made me question whether or not we should be there.


but we went anyways

I dropped Dora off in the unloading zone

Then tried to find a place to park.
At first I thought parking was gonna be an issue since they wouldn’t even let me park in front of their abandoned train car

but they had plenty of parking elsewhere I saw later on

While no one came to the alligator farm in a hellicopter like the sign suggested

they did show up in golf carts

and 4-wheelers

I finally found a parking spot
next to this peacock

I started to get a little scared when I saw signs like this one


and this one

which was posted in front of a double-wide with fake swamp painted on it.

Was is just me or did this farm smell like crap?
Oh, okay. It wasn’t just me.

On way to the entrance, we saw this sign

As it turns out, the “troll” is a goat

We saw this sign, so we decided to cross the bridge. I just LOVE donkeys!

They were all playing on the animal playground

I felt sorry for this little donkey, who was too fat to fit through the tire tunnel of fun

When we left the playground, this sign pointed us to the alligator farm entrance


After I said the pledge of alliegance, I realized how parched I was and drank some of the water they provided

Thank God I bought those discount tickets at the UFO place, cuz it would have cost me and Dora $18.75 to get in!
We didn’t have enough cash to buy gator chow, but I had something in my pocket I could feed them anyways.

I really wish I’d seen this sign before I went in. My alligator shirt in the car that would have gotten me in for FREE!
I also learned from this sign that they had alligator wrestling classes (but they were $100 unfortunately) and allowed pets.

they weren’t kidding about the wrestling

or the pets!


All that water I drank made me have to pee real bad

Their bathroom — AMAZING!!!!

And it came with reading material,

which was great, cuz I got all caught up on world events

When I came out of the bathroom, I was a little distressed by this sign

Not only had I just used the men’s bathroom, but this place really was dangerous!

To be continued…………….

To see the UFO story from a couple weeks ago, click here

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