That Crackhead did me a favor

A week and a half ago, I was devastated when someone sawed a $1,300 pipe off my truck in the middle of the night.


I thought Summer Tour 2009 was over.

Last night, a bunch of my friends and performers came together and auctioned off creative random adventures, talents, and themselves. One comedian, Mama Spell, wanted to give me $40. She auctioned off her money. Ted payed $30 so he could be the one to hand me Mama Spell’s $40. That’s just one example of how clever and giving my friends are.

The combination of last night’s proceeds and online donations just paid for that pipe. This is how I feel right now:


That crackhead did me a favor. I only thought I knew how wonderful my friends (and people in general) were before last night. I’m not sure how I find such great people wherever I go. My heart is so big it’s gonna explode. And I am now more dedicated than ever to my art. Thank you everyone for reading, donating, sharing, and being who you are.

SUMMER TOUR 2009 is happening July 1st. FUCK YEAH!!!!!!

If you want to see the picture story about the pipe theft, click

To see some of the many prizes auctioned off, click

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