A Strange Graduation at Columbia

I ventured to the Upper West Side last week for my sister’s graduation at Columbia University.  It was in a big beautiful church older than dirt.   After waiting 45 minutes in line, they herded me into this room.  I couldn’t figure out where the graduates would be sitting since this screen was taking up the whole stage. IMG_3873Then I realized I was in a cafeteria and not going to see the graduates at all.  A few hundred people and I watched the ceremony via satelite tv.

We were all asked to stand as the graduates entered the room.
Since no of the graduates could see us, this never happeed.


The Camera person was not too smart.  He/she kept the camera in a corner with only the view of a few graduate’s backs.

IMG_3849This lucky girl on the right had a phone. Her parents from the cafeteria called her to tell her to wave at the cameras.


Because none of us could look around at the beautiful church or anything other than a close-up of the speaker calling out names, people got bored real quick.IMG_3865



IMG_3864I wondered if the lady next to me was narcopletic too since she slept for the entire ceremony. Luckily, I had taken my medicine so this wouldn’t happen to me.

IMG_3860This man video taped the entire graduation. I can’t imagine him actually watching a video of a video of a man calling out 2,000 names.

When they called out each person’s name, family members got to yell.  I was representing my entire family from Tennessee, so I yelled… but sis never heard me.IMG_3870But I took a picture of him calling out her name to show my parents.

After the ceremony, we were herded to the reception, where they told us there’d be plenty of food. This was not quite what we were expecting

IMG_3888Chocolate chip cookies on a stick

IMG_3890Spoons with one bite of cheesecake on them.

IMG_3892And several trays like this where a whole pineapple was displayed.  I’m not sure how we were supposed to actually eat this.

As I looked around for real food, I came across this guy.


He carried that doll around all afternoon. I origninally thought it was his kid’s….til I realized he didn’t have a kid.  IMG_3897

I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what this chic’s hat was supposed to mean.


Earlier that week, Columbia had sent out warnings about Swine Flu. They told anyone who had symptoms to stay home. They said, “To aid in precautions, we are arranging for hand sanitizers to be placed at convenient locations.”


I started to get paranoid being around all these people, so I took appropriate precautions.IMG_3894

After the ceremony, we got on the subway to go to a pub to celebrate.  IMG_3901

Well what do we have here?IMG_3901A graduate left his shoes

This reminded me of the other times in New York I have come across nice shoes.



New Yorkers are a generous bunch. They love to donate their shoes.

IMG_3583They just leave them in the strangest places.

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