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Town Obsessed with Sponges, Part 2

After watching the sponge movie and getting over my sponge-diver crush, I explored Tarpin Springs a little more.IMG_0666

We saw these signs for Santrini, which is Greece’s most beautiful islandIMG_0671I’m not sure why you would need to buy golfballs in this town. An episode of Seinfeld is the only thing that comes to mind

IMG_0674 Although it looks just like Santorini, we were a little disappointed.

So we went window shopping


I have always wanted a Roman man statue. They’re hot!


Inside the store, everything was so Greek.IMG_0702

Well, eveything but the back-scratchers in a Santa Clause bucketIMG_0705 We couldn’t afford to buy anything, so we moved on.

I had no idea that Tarpin Springs is the sponge capital of the world!


Oh, not another reminder of my sponge-diver crush.IMG_0693
(the sponge-diver even loves dolphins like me!)

The whole store was full of this guy.IMG_0696


I couldn’t help but think of my crush now.IMG_3315
To get my mind off him, I played with sponges.


I had no idea there were so many kinds of sponges.


Just outside the store we came across THIS!!!!


Then this! I had no idea what Greek music sounds like!

IMG_0734( I was a little surprised by Greek speaking Fisher-Price toys. I guess I’m a little ethno-centric)


At first I thought this was some twisted version of Fantasia. But no, he was actually playing a mop!

I’m not sure if they were American, Canadian, or Greek.

IMG_0727The crowd loved it! They were apathetically clapping and singing along.


Looking around, I realized that once again, like most my travels, my sister and I were the only ones there who weren’t retired or mothers.


I really liked this man’s shirt. It made me laugh.IMG_0729

After a nice long dance, we decided to move on.  We came across this sign on the way out.IMG_0730They ask nicely here in Florida.  In New York City, they just do this…



For more adventures down this street through the town obsessed with sponges, stayed tuned……..

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