What were they thinking?

I get to walk all over Queens for my job.  I am fascinated by the advertising strategies of these local businesses.chineseI’m not sure if they are warning us about their food or just wishing us well in life

This business needs a new advertising  department.

IMG_3590After looking in the window and through the door, I still hadn’t a clue what they are.

This strip of stores caught my attention


Pop quiz:  What does not belong in this liquor store window?IMG_3779

Answer:IMG_3767A Winnie The Pooh mirrot that is above head level

This little boy does not make me want to eat here.


I think they’re making promises they can’t keep.IMG_3779

But not as cocky as this store.IMG_3781They must be talking about the store across the street because this store has mostly clocks.

This is an interesting way to sell houses.



Appealing to women trying to live out their childhood dollhouse fantasies?IMG_3685

It didn’t surprise me this restaurant was closed during the day

This is either a really bad idea or a brilliant idea. I can’t decide

If you like these pics, click below for more


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