A Town Obsessed With Sponges

Tarapon Springs is one of many strange towns in Florida. It was founded by a bunch of Greeks who made a living off harvesting sponges.  My sister and I drove 6 hours roundtrip to see it.


This place looks like a creepy version of Disney’s 10,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride.

Welcome to Sponge-O-Rama!!!!


This is a dream come true!


The sign says the first SPONGEORAMAS Sponge Factory, but I don’t think there are others.

Inside Sponge-O-Rama is a must see movie.

IMG_0669It was pretty packed when we got there.  Luckily, the movie had just started.


This film was made at least 40 years ago.  Not only was it boring, it was so anti-environment. IMG_3306

My sister and I were snickering like teenagers when he talked about the extremely phallic sponge.IMG_3312We were definatley the only women in our 30’s without children in this movie. I think Sponge Bob Square Pants has something to do withSponge-O-Rama’s popularity. The kids were just as bored as us…but better behaved


More people kept coming into the theater. There were about 30 of us by the time it was over.

Photo_04-3Since you get a 10% discount on sponges after watching the movie, we shopped around.


Then a saleswoman (who said it was against store policy to have her picture taken with me) tried to sell me this sponge by putting in on my head.IMG_0661

It didn’t work

Sponge-O-Rama may have Greek roots, but it is proud to be American. This giant flag was made out of sponges


As I toured the Spongorama, I started noticing this mascot sponge diver man everywhere.  On the ceiling…


in the parking lot….


…even in the town square (although minus the stache) He was like a war hero.

IMG_0679Just then I heard a bell.  It was the guys trying to sell tourists a sponge diving tour.  We didn’t have enough money, so this wasn’t an option.

IMG_3314And then I saw the real life Sponge-O-Rama mascot in the flesh!

IMG_3315Holy Hot!!!!

I’d like to say I ripped that rubber suit off of him.  Nope.

Although I’m eztremely outgoing in every other area of my life, I’m still incredibly shy when it comes to dudes.

So I stuck with the safest option


For more pictures from this fascinating Greek town, stayed tuned.IMG_3316To  see my plan to go on tour this summer to visit the strangest places I can find in this country, click below

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  1. bobhamlett says:


    I check your website everyday. I am very proud of you. But as a parent: “BE CAREFUL”

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