Adventures in the Queens Emergency Room

I am deathly allergic to sugar. And I have no insurance b/c no one will insure you once you’ve been dropped by one health insurance company. Reason for dropping me: being bulimic and narcoleptic. Not sure what that had to do with my knee surgery, but oh well!

People like me avoid doctors so that Emergency rooms become the final resort. But, I have fun everywhere I go. Emergency Rooms are no exception
I like to take family portraits everywhere I go.

Bill mocked me and pretended to be the one who couldn’t stop throwing up. This made me feel better.

They mocked me for my narcolepsy too. This also made me feel better.

They eventually realized I’m wasn’t asleep, but dead.

Pop quiz:
The reason I was pretend dead:

a) I wanted to play a really mean trick on the staff

b) I was just doing what I always do…think of funny pictures to take

c) I thought of a brilliant way to actually get a doctor to come over to me in a crowded, understaffed hospital in Queens.

Unfortunatley, I am not smart enough to come up with c. Fortunately, I’m not mean enough to come up with a. So the answer is b.

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