Weird Religious Stuff and Beds!

I haven’t been to The Empire State’s Building, Rockafeller Center, Statue of Liberty, or any of the tourist attractions here in New York City…..except the restaurant from Seinfeld


I was totally unimpressed UNTIL I saw this amazing eagle painting. I can’t figure out why it’s crying.


Such a bold name. I get the feeling they won’t live up to their name.


Bunkie (????) Beds? And what about us freelancers who usually end up owing money? Will they cut us a deal?


This company was either brilliant or lazy when thinking of their name.


I haven’t a clue what this business is. Anyone else know?

Speaking of weird religious stuff…


I can’t take credit for this photo. My buddy Nic gave it to me years ago. I only WISH I knew where it was taken. My guess…a church parking lot. Or that store seen above.


I needed a lot of this stuff after taking those photos with the Craigslist Game Master guy.

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  1. Shannon says:

    The baby pics are disturbing yet hilarious. I think that you and the Gamemaster were cut from the same chord…although he doesn’t resemble the Hamletts at all.

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