Daily Archives: April 28, 2009

Craigslist Game Party minus Baby Melanie

Since answering the add “Come to My Game Party” on cragislist, the “Game Master” (as he likes to be called) has been sending me pictures we take at the game party every week. Last week we took pics of me being rocked like a baby on his lap….which was the most awkward thing I’ve ever done (even though I do think the pictures are hilarious) Being a little disturbed by last weeks photo shoot, I took the week off. He is such a nice man, but it was an awkward thing nonetheless. He sent me pics of the game party I missed this week attached to an email saying “Who will be crowned Miss Game Party 2009?” This is one of them


I don’t know if he had a coffin at his house this week or if he took this picture elsewhere. I also think it’s funny that it’s MISS Game Party. I’m the only woman who attends these parties…and a pretty tomboyish woman actually. To see the last game party mentioned above, click below

This is one of the photos: